Behind The Scenes at Beechwood

By Sophie Laccohee / Behind the Scenes , Marketing Suite / 07th November 2018

The tech-savvy Beechwood marketing suite we designed for NU living has finally launched!

After working on this project since December 2016, we’re so happy to see the finished suite in all its glory. In this blog, we are going to take you from the first initial sketches to mood board designs and the finer details that go on behind the scenes here at Focus Experiential!

VR Technology

Creating immersive experiences in retail design to continuously engage with customers is something at the forefront of our minds when coming up with new designs. We implemented a discovery zone to interact with the samples and building journey. Below you can find our sketches and plan:

The VR screen wall that we coordinated and configured has already been a hit with the visitors! This technology gives purchasers the option to design their home from scratch, from a selection of layouts and specifications. The purchaser is then able to put their own style stamp on their dream home knowing that NU living will build it to their requirements

The coverage on social was fantastic to see!


Mood boards

When it came to inspiration for the mood boards we wanted to inject a homely atmosphere into the interior whilst keeping the overall feel clean. Lighting for us was all about the simplistic vibes whilst still making a statement.

It’s all in the details!

Here we talk through materials, seating areas, feature pieces and 3D models!

Case Study

A full case study will be up on our website soon so keep your eyes peeled! For now, here’s a sneak peek of the vibrant interior from a recent site visit.

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