Behind the Scenes At Royal Albert Wharf

By Sophie Laccohee / Behind the Scenes , Marketing Suite / 07th November 2018

An exciting retail space that captures the community spirit in East London’s Royal Docks.

A new phase for Royal Albert Wharf meant a stylish new marketing suite with seriously sleek branding. Set in the trendy riverside district of East London, our design needed to wow visitors whilst still reflecting the creative community vibe. After having already designed the concierge for Royal Albert Wharf, we couldn’t wait to work with Notting Hill Genesis again to transform this incredible space.

With a nod to the latest interior trend ‘bolds’ and feature lighting that makes a serious statement, we’re taking you behind the scenes so you can discover what goes into the full design process at Nav!


Location, Location, Location!

Location envy! With a backdrop of London City Airport & Canary Wharf, we knew this was a great opportunity to breathe new life into the scheme and add elements of the surrounding areas into the design.

Target Audience & The Customer Journey

The demographic for the development is a mixture of young professionals and city workers, who want to be close to London but to also have some outside space. With this in mind, we wanted the design to give the feeling of open space, whilst also feeling comfortable and welcoming.

With many of the commercial spaces already being used for cafés and group art studios, it showed a community feel that you get when you join this development. Below you can see how our designers planned the customer experience from a retail-based perspective.


"Architectural feel; deep blues mixed with concrete"

Here is the original mood board our design team put together. The branding changed after the initial pitch where the main dark blue was changed to a light blue.

Head of Design Zowie talks all things style by giving us a feel for the overall look of the suite.

“It’s a juxtaposition between Scandi and industrial – with a new trend weaving in, called Bolds (it’s exactly what it says on the tin.)”



We hand sketch all of our projects in the early stages, here’s a sneak peek of an external sketch from our designers, to help illustrate how we could add to the building front.

Feature Light

Lighting and signage make the perfect combination, so it’s no surprise we opted for such a focal entrance. Gaelite Signs helped us work on this seriously cool project and we couldn’t be happier with the finished product!

We wanted something that would wow visitors externally as well as internally and this statement feature certainly lights up the whole suite.

“With the vast ceiling height and a tight lower floor space, it made sense to make use of the open ceiling. I also have always viewed ceilings as the largest area that is often forgotten in design. This is where the idea came from to brand the ceiling in the most eye-catching way possible – whilst also making it work for the space and not be a simple gimmick.”  Zowie – Head of Design

"I have always viewed ceilings as the largest area that is often forgotten in design"

Our CGI Visualiser created the below images to complement our designs and send to the client.

Resin Floor

The flooring of this suite was certainly a bold move and when catching up with Zowie she describes why she opted for such a strong colour. Poured and completed by Resin Flooring Co.

"a nod to the surrounding waters of the Docklands"

Most of the walls were full height glazing, so I made the decision to bring colour into the space through the flooring. It is also a nod to the surrounding waters of the Docklands teamed with the bright and bold colours from the newly updated site branding. Resin is also perfect for a busy marketing suite, it’s completely seamless and hard wearing, what other combination could we ask for?

Here you can see the flooring just as it’s being poured in!


Click here to view the photography for this seriously stylish design in our recent project uploads.

To see more behind the scenes highlights, check out our recent blog post for Acton Concierge where our designer Jodie uncovers what inspired this exciting project.

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