Behind the scenes at the Hampton Lakes POD

By Laura Parker / Behind the Scenes , Marketing Suite / 23rd March 2020

Highly regarded for the interior design scheme, the Hampton Lakes POD has been one of our most popular posts on social media – and it’s easy to see why! Step into the design as we get behind the scenes with designer Anna.

The perks of the POD

We were approached by CALA Homes to provide another strategy using our re-usable modular offering for an upcoming scheme. The abilities to get on-site early and quick delivery time were key factors in CALA opting for the POD.

The versatility of their POD appealed to us immediately; from the flexible layout to the high-end bespoke fit-out – it served all of our requirements. – Leah de Lisle-Barrow, Marketing Manager CALA Homes

Smart space planning

So, let’s take a look inside. With a smaller space to work with, we really had to carefully consider the arrangement plan.

It was important to us that the marketing suite had all the regular features customers would expect to find when visiting a new development but with the touch of quality associated with the CALA brand.

Their designers’ understanding of the customer journey left us with a functional, optimised suite that also looks incredible and makes an immediate and positive impactLeah de Lisle-Barrow, Marketing Manager CALA Homes

By plotting the ideal customer journey, we were able to zone exactly what features were needed where and build the interior scheme around these plans. A familiar, approachable setting was crucial for CALA, so soft seating and a drinks station were included in the layout.

Greenery & grandeur: the interior scheme inspiration

CALA Homes is well known for offering quality homes, and Hampton Lakes is no exception to that. One look at the mood board or Pinterest inspiration board and you can see the direction Anna was going in.

With branding and a neutral pallet,  we wanted to create an understated yet elegant space. The vision for this space came through in rich textures, natural finishes and touches of brass. To give the interior a sense of height, we selected large, smoked glass pendants and paired these with feature LED lighting detail, integrated within a slatted timber wall and ceiling piece.– Anna

Think leather finishes, marble, gold and dark hardwood. Everything about the scheme screams high end. Anna then elevated the space further by bringing the suite to life with a hit of greenery through the living wall. Not only did this provide a wow factor, but it also promoted the site’s role in championing green living and its focus on caring for the environment.

Taking inspiration from the surrounding landscape, central to the space was an artificial living wall, giving the suite a unique and natural look backdrop for the CALA Homes lightbox. We also continued this throughout the space in the styling to give customers an excellent first impression of the development as they journey through the suite. Anna King

All wrapped up

With such a stunning interior, it was important the exterior of the marketing suite matched up to what awaited visitors inside. Another benefit of the Property POD is the option for a full vinyl wrap providing CALA’s customers with a beacon amongst the building site. The external branding agency created an eye-catching geometric design in CALA’s signature colour palette which was the final cherry on top of this stunning marketing suite.

The result

The finished product was a stunning, functional sales suite tucked in our flexible and fast Property POD.

From start to finish, Focus Experiential were the perfect partners in delivering our modular sales suite for Hampton Lakes. They’ve provided us with a space that our customers love to visit and our team love to work from. – Leah de Lisle-Barrow, Marketing Manager CALA Homes

This marketing suite really makes an impact and we love hearing back from our client that their sales team and customers are enjoying the space.

Explore this stunning suite in full by checking out our case study here, or take a more detailed look at our Property POD and all its benefits here.

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