Case Study; Focus’ Breakout Room

By Laura Parker / Interior Design , Office Design / 05th November 2018

You might think that smaller spaces are easier to design, however when trying to keep a workforce of 50+ happy & integrate lots of different functions into one space you can come across a lot of obstacles. The existing space was feeling a little tired and was definitely not being utilised well.

Firstly, we needed to ascertain exactly what Focus wanted to achieve in the space. It became apparent pretty fast that the boys wanted a pool room & the girls wanted a lounge space, we also needed the space to be somewhere Focus’ clients would feel comfortable, yet retaining their professional brand identity.

We opted for a large bespoke sofa in a neutral colour to line the perimeter of the room, this allows different groups to use the space at once while keeping an overall communal feeling. Utilising the perimeter of the space also meant we could use the middle of the room for a new pool table which doubles up as a table with matching benches keeping the space professional for meetings.

The overall colour scheme is a cool mix of geometric patterns, neutral greys with splashes of Focus’ brand yellow to bring the space to life. We’ve added some personal touches with a gallery wall to display the best shots of the team outings & a large TV & drinks fridge to keep everyone happy on a Friday!


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Laura Parker

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Laura Parker

Laura is our Marketing Manager at Focus. She is busy taking Focus' content strategy to the next level and spreading the word about our bustling agency. When she's not attached to Instagram, you'll find her following cute dogs around and playing rugby.