digisuite at Solum’s Twickenham Gateway

By Laura Parker / Customer Journey , digisuite / 14th January 2021

We were approached by the team at Solum to review their current interactive offering for their Twickenham Gateway development in preparation for their upcoming new phase launch.

With their marketing suite already in place, Solum invited us to survey and evaluate what we could do to enhance the customer journey and support their sales team with an updated interactive offering.

After surveying the space and meeting the sales team, the technology on-site was no longer being used to support their sales process as it was too complicated as a system and the hardware was no longer responding to the commands. The touch table situated in the centre of the room didn’t connect to the screen on the wall which was meant to mirror the content from the table, and the model wasn’t responding to the tablet which was built into the plinth, so there was no model functionality.

We immediately knew our interactive app digisuite would provide the perfect resolution for this development. Not only was digisuite developed to be easy to use and quick to build, after reviewing the hardware on-site, we knew with a few additions we could re-use it to make the digisuite install seamless for the team on-site. The new system would also be perfect as a remote sales offering as it works on tablets and desktops, therefore, would be ideal to use for events/VIP launches, exhibitions off-site or working from home appointments.


We got to work in creating our interactive experience and in less than two weeks the system was built and ready to use. Through our own research, we contacted the model maker and worked with them on the model lighting functionality which enabled us to build in the lighting codes into digisuite ready for the on-site installation. We were also able to build into the system a previously commissioned VR tour which allowed customers to virtually walk around the development.

When speaking to the team on-site, their instant feedback was that it was a straightforward system which was easy to use. The built-in CMS system we had developed meant they could customise their application remotely from their office or home set up, or on-site, so at any stage they could change the content to suit new information. This flexibility enabled them to tailor the system to any buyer, meaning they could create an interactive solution to the individual prior to them coming to the marketing suite, making for a personal experience.

The team at Solum were delighted with the new application we developed. The build time of the system, seamless install and integration of additional features provided them with the perfect platform to sell the next phases of the development.

“We needed the technology in the suite refreshing before the launch of our second phase and digisuite was ideal. It’s so easy to use and update and our sales team are finding it really beneficial as an extra interactive element of the marketing suite.” – Gordon Osborne, Sales & Marketing Manager

To find out more about digisuite or to speak to us about bringing this new level of interactivity to your sales space click here.


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