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By Ben Tucker / Company Update , Experiential / 22nd January 2019

What was the driving force of the name change from Navigation to Focus Experiential?

It was the close alignment with the wider Focus group. We wanted to make sure our clients and our partners could see who we were, how we collaborate with Focus IMC and Focus On Media and how the shared expertise gives a much wider benefit to them and the service we can offer.  All things we were doing already but not in name.

"we are not just a fit-out company or a design and build agency"

What inspired the name Focus Experiential?  

The word ‘experiential’ I think is perfect for what we do. We are not just a fit-out company or a design and build agency, we provide viable marketing solutions for our clients that encompass fit-out or design and build, entwined with new technology, graphics, brand messaging and telling a story in each of our spaces. Experiential was the perfect fit.

How does the name Focus Experiential represent what you do as an agency?

We operate in a sales and marketing industry and so we wanted to make sure we aligned ourselves with a marketing term – the word ‘experiential’ is defined as ‘involving or based on experience and observation’ – that is what we do. Experiential marketing defines us as an agency, we provide immersive spaces for our clients’ customers to experience in order to promote and aid sales of their products.

What’s been your favourite part of the rebrand process so far?

Announcing it and launching it. Anyone in marketing and from an agency background will tell you that the process you go through for a rebrand isn’t always easy and poses many challenges, however, when everything is done and you’re ready to launch, you finally get to show both internal and external audiences the fruits of your labour.

What exciting things can we be expecting to see from Focus Experiential?

With a close collaborative link to Focus IMC and Focus on Media you will see more of a strategic and tactical approach from us in designing and completing our projects. By that I mean, we will be closer to the specialist digital teams at Focus IMC in order to continue to push new technology solutions and with Focus on Media we can better profile, analyse, and research what people will be walking through the doors.   Being able to build these personas will then better dictate our designs and our customer journey.

"experiential marketing defines us as an agency, we provide immersive spaces"

Watch this space! We’ve got lots of exciting new ventures coming the in the new year so keep an eye on all our socials for all the sneak peeks and project launches.

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Ben Tucker

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Ben Tucker

Ben is the Managing Director at Focus Experiential and has been at the helm of the company since its inception four years ago. He has worked in the property marketing industry for over 15 years. You can catch Ben belting out Mack the Knife at karaoke and directing the perfect dusk shot at his incredible retail spaces.