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By Laura Parker / Interior Design , Office Design / 05th November 2018

Google paved the way by creating incredible fun office spaces making everyone else’s work environment look rather sad. Brands are jumping on the bandwagon and now anybody who’s anybody is showing off how fun their offices are.



Fancy a quick meeting in a taxi cab, or cosying up on a sofa in the cinema room? Google push the boundaries in terms of design whilst remaining practical. The beehive hubs not only look good but also provide employees with a private room allowing them to zone out and concentrate on their work.



A communal office space creates a cooperative community feel to Innocent’s Fruit Towers. With everyone sharing the same working area and encouraged to desk swap regularly, the office all socialise together, with interns and the CEO often sharing desk space.


Red Bull

Red Bull depart from the gimmicky style that some companies adopt and instead opt for sleek, clean, modern lines. This office provides huge spaces for people to work in a distraction-free environment whilst adding a pop of fun with the slide and occasional bright colours. This is an office space we’d love to work in, you know you’d get your work done!


Fancy taking lunch in a picnic garden, or working to hardcore rock music in a soundproofed room? Then Desklodge in Bristol is your dream office space. As a rentable space, desklodge have covered all bases with sensible studio spaces, to meeting rooms that look like your Grandparents dining room!

Second Home

These guys create unique workspaces for entrepreneurs, innovators and social impact organisations to create and collaborate- and what a space they provide! We’re talking huge curved glass windows, greenery galore, mid-century furniture and natural light.



We were tasked with transforming our sister company, Focus’ break out room. Focus needed a comfortable, fun area for staff to relax in on their lunch break and at the end of the day. We love the subtle yellow colour scheme which coincides with Focus’ branding and the comfy sofas are perfecting for chatting on during lunch. However, our favourite element is the gallery wall which perfectly captures the fun, out-going nature of the agency, featuring photos of the Focus team’s staff parties, charity fun runs and celebrations. You can see more pictures of the redesign, including the before and after shots in our blog post by clicking here.

So, there you have it, some of our favourite office spaces in the UK. Which one would you love to work in, or is your office space already better than these? Let us know!

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