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By Laura Parker / Company Update , Interior Design , Interviews / 22nd August 2019

Tea at the ready? It’s time to catch up with our design team, a collective of creatives who have been dreaming up some incredible marketing suites and spaces for our clients.

From recent graduates to well established retail designers, the diversity of our team provides the perfect spectrum of design influence to produce a variety of first-rate designs, loved by our clients.

Now well immersed into the culture at Focus, what exactly is it that our designers love so much about working here?

Danielle: I love how everyone is very friendly and we all have our own field of expertise and a can-do attitude and that anything is possible. I also love the social events that are held every month where everyone gets involved!

Anna: Everyone is a specialist in their field, and it’s exciting to work collaboratively and have input from all different angles to create and deliver our vision!

The #FocusFamily work very hard but also play hard! Being on the social committee it’s great to be part of an agency that focuses on making sure the teams not only work well together but have LOTS of fun together!

Alice: My favourite thing about being part of the #FocusFamily is everyone in the office and being able to come into work and be creative every single day. No two days or jobs are the same and that is something that I really enjoy and makes me excited to come into work.

We touched on the eclectic history of work our team have turned their hand to, and we weren’t kidding! From golf courses to exhibitions, there’s a stronghold of experience in the Focus office.

Anna: My interior design career began doing hospitality design; designing anywhere from chain restaurants with well-established brands to one-off high-end bars in Mayfair, all the way to crazy golf bars in Battersea! I’ve also delved into designing co-working spaces, retail areas as well as developing working concepts for various gyms. This gave me an excellent understanding of the visual landscape for various target audiences enabling me to push the boundaries with the customer journey for the spaces we design at Focus Experiential!

Danielle: After graduating with an Interior Design degree my journey began designing semi-permanent spaces in the events and exhibitions industry, where I was involved in designing feature areas and hospitality spaces for trade shows and sporting events. I have since enjoyed applying my knowledge to the exciting briefs at Focus XP!

Alice: I’m the newbie in the team as I graduated last year and this is my first job in the industry. I feel very lucky to be surrounded by such talented designers to learn from and bounce ideas off of.

With all that experience under their belts, our designers are experts in their field. With so much knowledge and inspiration from her recent degree, Alice turns to her faithful Pinterest boards to initiate the design process.

Alice: I love to have a flick through Pinterest, I find that you can find yourself down a rabbit hole of ideas just from clicking on one pin. I also like to look at sites like Dezeen to see what is going on in the wider world of design and then take inspiration from there.

Unlike regular interior design, retail design is much more than aesthetics. As Ben Tucker explained in his recent blog post, it’s all about optimising the customer journey. However, what consumers are expecting to see and experience is ever-changing. Anna sees personalisation being the key in the next 5 years.

Anna: Technology is constantly evolving to aid the customer journey. I think the design will utilise integrated technology, to help the staff to give the customer a more seamless and personalised experience. Technology won’t just be seen as a gadget for people to experiment with but will help develop the customer journey to suit each individual.

Technology will also play a big part in the future of retail design as Danielle explains.

Danielle: The next big thing will be the rise and need for experiential design. With E-commerce taking over and offering the customer the ability to shop in the comfort of their own home, I think there will be a requirement to make an experience for the customer when they enter the shop so that they have something different and a reason to not shop online. I also think that technology will play a massive part in the future of retail.

Being interior designers has been the career paths of our team from the get-go, but if they could switch with one of their fellow Focus team members for the day, who would it be?

Anna: Ben Tucker – because who wouldn’t want to be the boss for the day?!

Danielle: I would swap with Laura our marketing exec, as she gets to showcase and write about all of the amazing things being created and achieved within the company!

Alice: I would swap places with our project manager Louis because I think getting to go out to all the sites and see the designs come to life is a really exciting part of the whole process.

So work is out of the way and the weekend is here, where will you catch our design team? We wouldn’t be surprised if we found Danielle cradling a bottle of ketchup…

Danielle: I love travelling to different countries and going to new places. I love ketchup on everything including sandwiches and, controversially, Christmas dinner! I also have recently got a puppy called Hugo who’s keeping me very busy.

Alice: I’m a dog person and in my spare time I love to binge documentaries, scroll on Instagram, read and cook. My favourite food is easily Spaghetti Bolognese.

Anna: In my spare time I do a lot of walking and exploring new places, often stopping off at coffee shops for caramel latte on route and always on the lookout for a good exhibition!

Did we just become best friends? Now you know our design team inside out, check out some of their incredible work, no doubt fuelled by Spaghetti Bolognese and ketchup!

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