Marketing suite design & fit out; 5 new projects

By Laura Parker / Creative , Interior Design , Marketing Suite / 25th March 2019

With lots of new projects launching recently, we’re taking a look back at some of the marketing suite design & fit out projects we’ve handed over. From our Property Pod – transforming the temporary sales space, to our landmark marketing suite at Barking Riverside for L&Q, there are all sorts of suites for you to explore.

Gilden Park: Property POD, temporary sales suite

A revolutionary take on the temporary sales suite, the Property Pod at Gilden Park is a great example in showing that temporary sales cabins needn’t be boring! With a complete branded building wrap, the Property Pod stands out on the busy consortium site, perfect for attracting new customers.  By carefully considering the customer journey in the small footprint, the bespoke interior fit-out created a space to welcome and ease Taylor Wimpey‘s customers into their sales journey. Explore more of the Gilden Park sales suite here.

Marketing suite design & fit out at Taylor WImpey's Gildren Park development, showcasing the temporary sales space solution; The Property Pod

Stortford Fields: Marketing suite design & fit out

Stortford Fields was all about re-using and re-purposing an award-winning marketing suite structure we previously built and fit out for Taylor Wimpey. With all the houses at Halstead Grange sold, the modular building was surplus to requirement, so rather than demolishing the suite, we dismantled it and moved it to the new site in Bishop’s Stortford.

The full-height glazing and exposed Glulam frame were equally adored in their new home and with the addition of fresh flooring and a cosy new seating area, the marketing suite is suitably updated for the new customers. Want to know more about how we moved the suite, or perhaps you want to see more photos of the updated marketing suite? Just click the links to find out more!

Focus Experiential's marketing suite design & fit out at Taylor Wimpey's Bishop Stortford development

The Rise: Marketing suite design & fit out

Working in such a compact area required space-saving features and clever interior design to give the illusion of a larger area. By turning the whole of the back wall into a giant mirror we were able to deceive the eye, giving the illusion of double the space. By restricting the sales to one side of the room, the space felt elongated and meant there were no desks cutting the length of the room up.

One of the most impressive elements of the marketing suite was the lift and learn technology. By lifting a 3D model and placing it on the platform, the screen is triggered and displays the specifications, CGIs and floorplans for that apartment type, proving a more interactive and experiential way for the customers to learn about the homes Metropolitan have to offer. See the full suite at The Rise here.

Blackwall Reach: Marketing suite design & fit out 

Influenced by the brutalist architecture which once stood in its place, the Blackwall Reach marketing suite for nu Living is engulfed in bold architecture and textures, from crisp concrete to multiple manipulations of mesh. If you’re looking for seating inspiration, you simply have to check out this suite. Surrounded by soft orange carpeting to give the area a ‘glow’, the sofas are the perfect combination of cosy whilst still giving a nod to the industrial influences with their quirky feet. Read all about the design process in our blog post, or see this bespoke marketing suite in all its glory here.

Barking Riverside: Marketing suite design & fit out

We were tasked to design and build a sales environment and visitor centre for this new brownfield development – the largest of its kind in Europe to aid L&Q in the sales of the properties, and to give visitors and stakeholders a venue to learn about the wider vision of the development. The project will continue into 2030 offering 10,800 homes, alongside shops, restaurants and leisure facilities. As the project is still at an early stage and lacking in tangible assets such as show homes or infrastructure, we had to find a digital solution to demonstrate the vision of the master plan and give stakeholders and purchasers a view into the future of the development.

With this in mind, the suite relied heavily on digital installations to show the future of the site, this included a huge immersive wall that spans 8m across the back wall and interactive touch tables with which users are able to see the masterplan of the whole development. Find out about these installations in more depth in our blog post, or check out all the photos from the suite here.

Feeling inspired by our marketing suite design & fit out projects? Then check out all our other amazing projects over on our projects page, and keep your eyes peeled for more new projects launching soon.

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