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By Ben Tucker / Company Update / 20th November 2018

You’ve probably noticed some changes around here…

Three years ago Navigation completed its first design and build marketing suite for Peabody at their St John’s Way site in Battersea. The marketing suite went on to win a Property Marketing Award in 2017 and became the foundation on which the company has grown, evolved and expanded ever since.

"challenge the traditional perception of a sales environment"


Our values and our mission was then, and remains today, to challenge the traditional perception of a sales environment in which the property industry operates.

Today we are making a change, our name. Welcome to Focus Experiential. As the marketing channels become more closely linked due to the increased popularity in digital and in turn, the ability to measure return on investment; it makes sense for us to follow customer habits. Keep an eye out for a blog post coming soon about the reasoning behind our new name.

Focus, Navigation and Focus On Media are successful in their own right, and bringing everyone together is only going to maximise what we can offer. We’re closer and we’re better because of it, customers want consistency and we can provide that by supporting the customer journey from start to finish.

Thank you for being part of the journey so far and we look forward to working together more as we continue to grow and evolve.


Ben Tucker

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Ben Tucker

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Ben Tucker

Ben is the Managing Director at Focus Experiential and has been at the helm of the company since its inception four years ago. He has worked in the property marketing industry for over 15 years. You can catch Ben belting out Mack the Knife at karaoke and directing the perfect dusk shot at his incredible retail spaces.