Progress Report: February

By Laura Parker / Behind the Scenes / 17th March 2020

We’re constantly sharing the beautiful, shiny photos of our amazing marketing suites once they’ve been handed over and professionally photographed.

What you don’t see is our busy team of creatives whirling away behind the scenes to design & fit-out these incredible spaces. So, every month we’re taking you into the engine room of Focus Experiential to see what our bustling team are up to.

This month we’re on-site with the design team dressing a marketing suite with the final details, Assistant Project Manager Nadine updates us with progress on site in Peckham and Charlie has been overseeing furniture delivery in Croydon. Plus, we get a sneak preview of what Tanya has been up to when preparing for a new scheme and Anna takes us on a design inspiration trip.

It’s all in the details

Once all the hard work on-site is done, the furniture is in and the suite is cleaned, plus our design team get to revisit the space and add the finishing touches before the client gets the keys to their shiny new marketing suite.

“Having designed the suite at the very beginning, I love going back for handover day to see it come to life! This marketing suite has some quirky, sustainable apple boxes as storage so we had great fun filling and dressing these.” – Anna

Unpacking in Peckham

We’ve been in London fitting the furniture into an eclectic suite in the buzzing district of Peckham.

“It’s at this time in the fit-out process you can really get a feel for the space and see it all coming together.” – Nadine

This scheme is giving us rich, warm vibes with a pop of vintage.

Croydon comes to life  

After a recent delivery from Construction Manager Charlie, our Croydon marketing suite is beginning to come to life!

Handing over in March, you’ll be able to see the full suite soon, but in the meantime, these sneak peeks and a snippet from the mood board will have to do! Expect modern luxurious interiors with gold finishes, coming soon…

Tanya talks textures for an upcoming pitch

Our team headed out for another pitch this month, in tow with a 3D mood board to complement our pitch document. In it, Interior Designer Tanya had collated a selection of samples to give our clients a real feel (literally!) of the scheme we’re proposing.

“Giving our clients the physical samples to touch, move around and feel brings our design to reality and gives our clients an idea of how the materials work together in a way that sketches and CGIs can’t. This level of interactivity has been received really well so far!” – Tanya

Inspiration from everywhere!

February brought an exploration day out of the office for our design team as they went hunting for new and exciting materials and features to bring into future designs. From lighting to flooring and even new ways to style living moss – they had it covered! Look out for these new concepts in future projects!


So there’s a tiny slice of what we were up to at Focus Experiential last month! Keep your eyes peeled for more updates on our social media, and join us next month as we see more projects come to life!

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