Spotlight on Seamless Finishes

By Sophie Laccohee / Interior Design , Marketing Suite / 07th November 2018

When styling a space, interior finishes can play a huge part; from bold resin flooring to sleek polished plaster and snazzy wallpapers!

In this post, we’re going to talk you through 5 finishes we are loving at the moment.


Regal Resin

Striking and beautiful details with a seamless finish – The Resin Floor Co helped us create this unique look for our client Notting Hill Genesis. The sleek, seamless finish of the resin flooring provided a bold feature for Royal Albert Wharf’s suite to suit our vibrant, bespoke aesthetic. The continuous appearance of the bright blue flooring was inspired by the surrounding water of the Docklands and for this reason, resin was the ideal coating to use. A poured finish ensured full coverage with no gaps or seams.

"durable, hardwearing and extremely cost-effective"

Poured resin flooring creates a quality finish that presents a wow factor whilst also being durable, hardwearing and extremely cost-effective. It works perfectly in office spaces and retail environments whilst supplying a deluxe, contemporary feel to an interior.

Going Potty For Polished Plaster! 

If you’re looking for an interior refresh, polished plaster is a game changer. It’s mainly used on walls and ceilings internally to create a finished look that resembles polished marble or limestone. A desirable quality of polished plaster is that it can be easily coloured. This is useful as many specific colours do not exist naturally. Due to the excellent end result, this has become a popular finish for many modern interiors.

We used polished plaster within one of our recent developments at Blackwall Reach, incorporating it into a feature wall that clearly advertises the brand. The polished plaster was a perfect finish to use as it naturally drew attention in the room with its seamless textured finish, whilst promoting the name of the brand in a professional and sophisticated style.

The choice of a pale grey polished plaster was most effective when situated next to the vibrancy of the bright orange wall. The polished plaster played an effective role within the overall design of the Blackwall Reach suite for our client NU living.


Satisfying Seamless Viewing

The idea of seamless viewing is very prevalent in our recent project for Beechwood. The design incorporated large panels of glass in areas along the side of the building and across the roof. These large windows do not only provide a great amount of natural light for the suite but also enable people to have a seamless view of sections of the surroundings and dreamy sky.

The design was all based around nature and the surrounding view, therefore the building architecture needed to work seamlessly with the outdoors, and a mixture of open grass and linear wood cladding.

Wow-factor Wallpaper

Our suite for client L&QThe Quarry Erith, features moss wallpaper within the final design which created a statement feature wall.

Wallpaper and wall art has always been a favourite finish here at Focus Experiential! It’s the perfect way to add personality, pattern, colour, and character to a space.

" add personality, pattern, colour, and character to a space"

Within this particular suite, a seamless transition between outdoor and indoor has been created through the moss wallpaper. Looks cool, right? If you look closely we hid a door behind the seamless image and a storage unit.


Whether you’re potty for polished plaster or lusting over moss wallpaper, these seamless finishes are sure to inspire. Want to recreate any of these looks? Discover our get the lookfeature for Beechwood.

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