Top 5 Things From Maison&Objet

By Sophie Laccohee / Events , Interior Design / 05th November 2018

Our Head of Design, Zowie rounds up her top 5 things from Maison&Objet! Take a look below…

Self-watering Greenery

With the lack of time we have in our daily lives, whether that’s through the demands of work or home, many of us struggle to keep a simple pot plant alive. The solution that PikaPlant has devised, allows the plant to take care of itself. Through a simple method of mimicking ‘natural high-humidity biotopes. The plants inside these glass jars continuously recycle the water they have and create a miniature ecosphere. They water themselves, so you never need to.’ For fast-paced marketing suites these are the perfect solution to throwing out fake imitation plants – and injecting some real greenery into the spaces. For some serious green inspiration, check out our Top Drawer roundup here.

Clashing Fabrics

Mixing patterns and brazen colours would normally be seen as garish, but if carefully planned and chosen, the results can be a welcoming change. Far too often the interior scene chooses a safe palette of grey to sit alongside a bright colour – but that boring colour is about to be turned into an exciting fashion. If we look into all of the research that different colours have on our moods we can begin to forecast how our customers feel when walking into a space – and tailor the space to work for the emotions we want to convey.

"poured resin is finally getting its big break"

Poured Resin

Whether it’s on a small side table or across an entire floor, poured resin is finally getting its big break. The simple method of pouring the resin is very satisfying to watch, but the results of the finished product is even better. A completely smooth finish with no joins or imperfections. And did I mention the colourways are endless? Whether it’s metallics, bright colours or hand-dragged patterns, every application is bespoke. A few of our projects for 2018 already have resin floors designed in, but we are now wondering where else it can make an impact.


100% Recycled Fabric

Having stumbled upon a small stand we were intrigued by the simple tagline: fabric made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. A British-born fabric company, Weaver Green, has made it their mission to not only make beautiful rugs, blankets and cushions but also to save the world. The touch and feel of the products are soft and tactile, and it’s almost magic how they have converted an unwanted item into a luxurious fabric that anyone would want to cosy up to. With sustainability at the forefront of designers’ minds, the future of recycling is an exciting development for the future of interiors.

Shelving Upon Shelving

By trying to hide away basic elements and ensure that a working interior doesn’t become cluttered, storage can become the enemy of most spaces. However on most stands there stood double-height shelving systems housing beautiful dressing items, or even simple lush greenery. Being unafraid to hide everything away gives a level of honesty to an area. We know we still need cupboards to hide away clutter, but why not show everything else off in a clever manner? Maybe the real lesson is learning to be proud of what we have to show – and ensuring it’s kept tidy.

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Sophie Laccohee

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Sophie Laccohee