Beaulieu Keep





Beaulieu Keep


Chelmsford, Essex

Housetype Design & Fit Out

How we helped

Located within one of the development’s beautiful three story, four bedroom houses, the marketing suite needed to exude the lifestyle that Beaulieu brings. Due to the layout of the house, the space needed to work around the structural walls and staircase positioning.

A large glass atrium was built onto the front of the building to allow the suite to stand out against the show homes either side. The entrance needed to entice the customers in, whilst adding a real wow factor to the design.

What was achieved

Installing a large bespoke lighting feature to the glass atrium added warmth and intrigue into the space while complimenting the branding for the phase. Working into the interior, a palette of soft timber and textural wallpapers added an acoustic buffer within a large open space. Two sales desks are built into the surrounding walls allowing a clear view through to the suite’s entrance.

A large video wall complements the site model to explain the development to a potential buyer without the need for a sales assistant to be with them at all times. Built into the soft seating space is a low kids area to allow for the whole family to be involved in the purchasing journey. Striking graphics help tell the story of the site’s lifestyle and the home’s potentials.

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