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Basildon, Essex

Design & Build

Concept To Reality

How we helped

Taking on a design from the ground up was a pivotal opportunity to test how customers use a marketing suite when making potentially, the biggest purchase of their life. The pioneering development is made up of 251 customisable homes, all designed by the customer and built in a factory before being delivered to site.

The suite itself needed to have a purposeful split between the custom-build process and the purchase decision, two important points of the customer journey, whilst ensuring it stayed over one storey and allowed limitless ideas to be born.

What was achieved

Breaking the architecture into thirds allowed the building to dictate how the visitors move around the space. A large glass divide splits the build apart, reaching from the floor into the ceiling and covering the roof to show that the sky really is the limit.

When entering into the space, the customer is greeted by the overall site plan showcasing the development’s size. They are then led to the left to discover all of the potential options when personally custom-building their new home. Designed to look like a workshop, this area entices the customer to interact with the options and build process of their purchase. A large sample area and large tables are positioned for the finishes and materials to be laid out.

Only once the customer has designed their new home do they approach the sales desks to make the all-important purchase. This allows the sales journey to be about the customer’s needs, not the upfront sale.

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