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How we helped

L&Q identified the benefits of a longer-term strategy using modular re-usable units for their development and sales pipeline over a 2–3-year period. This led to the POD.

With a desire to get on site and selling without delay, the Property POD was the perfect option for L&Q at Birnam Mews. We were briefed to create an inviting, engaging space whilst accommodating all the essential amenities needed for a busy marketing suite. The interior design needed to reflect both the site branding and style, as well as the quality of their homes and be appealing to their target audience profile. The fit out and furniture of the Property POD was designed specifically knowing we would move off site after 9 months into a permanent marketing suite space, so the furniture and fit out elements would all move over. The POD itself then goes into short-term storage before being re-used for L&Q’s next development.

With a modest footprint of approx. 70 sq m, when planning the internal space we had to consider the customer journey carefully in order to cater for each stage of the buying journey without over complicating the space. Existing touchscreen technology from L&Q had to be incorporated into the space and became focal to the customer journey approach.

Amongst the busy surrounding construction site, it was important that the suite was easily identifiable for visiting customers. The full vinyl wrap, designed by Focus, came into its own to solve this problem. The Property POD can look and appear however you want it to to give you off street presence and make those all-important first impressions really count.

What was achieved

A luxurious, family-home inspired, high-end finish ensured an immediate impact when entering the suite. Textured wallpaper combined with brushed gold lettering and statement exposed Edison bulbs elevated this Property POD from any generic sales cabin. Fully decorated and finished walls and ceilings mean no joins, ugly junctions or finishes inside. The sense is you could be in a permanent space and it certainly feels like that once inside. Seamless, silicon-join glazing created a private meeting space and office for those all-important sensitive conversations with prospective buyers and made the space adaptable for additional sales staff for events.

The customer journey was at the forefront of our design. Contemporary design seating allows for an area to settle and take in the brochures and marketing collateral, while an interactive screen with live site plans and galleries of images and information gives visitors an outlet to discover more about the development, plus a private office was put in place to talk to the sales team about the nitty-gritty when it comes to buying.

What the client had to say

“We are absolutely delighted with the final finish of the PODs. The external of the building being wrapped from head to toe catches the eye very easily and makes a great first impression. Inside the POD, the Focus Experiential designers have done an incredible job providing a warm and welcoming sales space which our sales team love working from. I couldn’t be happier with the suites.” – Louise Naggs, Head of Regional Marketing, L&Q

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