Taylor Wimpey


Commercial Fit Out

How we helped

Taking on a commercial space below a section of the development apartments gave us an open and exciting blank canvas to work with. The suite needed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, whilst also complimenting the development. With a large options range for the properties, this was an area that needed to be designed with the customer at the forefront.


What was achieved

By making use of the full space, ensuring no surface was left untouched, the interior took on a high-end yet practical design. Working with the internal structural columns instead of around them, gave a strong base point for the sales desks. Bringing in soft curves with integrated screens when the customer enters the space allowed a soft welcome with plenty of information. Over by the large bespoke site model, a customer-led options area invites potential buyers in. With a series of ledges and placement points, the buyer is able to position all of the finishes against one another to create an example of their future home. Through working in conjunction with our sister company, Focus, we collectively designed the strong graphics that work seamlessly with the interior.

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