High Elms Park





High Elms Park

Barratt Homes

Hullbridge, Essex

Design & Fit Out

Concept To Reality

How we helped

We were presented with one single-storey space to fit two different developer brands in with their own elements, along with the requirements of the development information. The marketing suite overall needed to have its own identity, consider the customer journey and experience and be highly reflective of the development; whilst still subtly incorporating the specifications and needs of both Barratt Homes and David Wilson Homes. Their separate designated areas needed to be kept functional and on brand for them, whilst still considering the customer. Natural features including woods and green elements were also to be used, but in a contemporary style to link with the ‘High Elms Park’ theme whilst displaying the feeling of quality.

The unique brief that we set Focus Experiential was far from straightforward. With two brands operating in the same space, Focus came up with an innovative solution. By sectioning off the space they have allowed Barratt Homes and David Wilson Homes to work discretely while customers enjoy the same great browsing experience. The shared space allows customers to discover more about this wonderful development at their leisure, and this results in a smoother customer journey avoiding any intimidation when choosing a home and, in turn, which sales advisor they’d like to speak to. On top of all the science behind their design, they also created a fresh, light, and beautiful scheme. Focus Experiential hit the brief perfectly and we loved watching the finished design come to life on site. – Kia Greengrass, Sales Manager Barratt Homes

What was achieved

We zoned the space into three different areas; a larger area for High Elms Park incorporating all of the information on offer, giving the customer a discovery and breakout space, and two equal areas for both Barratt and David Wilson Homes in their branded colours.

High Elms Park featured firstly and more predominantly in the space. Upon entry into the space a wood feature wall with recessed screen video wall gave impact and instant information and momentum displaying rolling content. A site map plinth with collateral storage also sat in prime position in front of the video wall informing customers. A high bench with soft upholstered stools also gave the customer the opportunity to self-explore at their leisure. A bespoke feature coffee bar also in the ‘High Elms’ neutral area of the suite featured two recessed drinks chillers, one for each brand, a coffee machine and shelving with a metallic tile herringbone effect wallpaper behind and brass worktop to give a coffee shop feel. This sat next to a plush lounge area with sofa in a rich teal velvet and 2 feature chairs sat on a geometric rug tying the colours used throughout the neutral part of the suite. Throughout the suite, accents of brass help give a high-end feel with planter boxes to give a natural feel and nod to the countryside surroundings.

A suspended ceiling with brass trim helped add further drama and impact to the space whilst highlighting the key sales areas. Lighting also featured heavily in this space with circular illuminated halo lights grouped in key areas throughout the suite to subtly highlight the main zones whilst giving feature lighting to the space.

The David Wilson area to the suite featured the key DWH dark blue painted back wall with desk and bespoke storage cupboards in the matching tone. Faux leather customer chairs and white frames also helped keep the traditional look. A dark blue carpet differentiated this area from the rest of the suite, running through into DWH options area out the back and also complemented the DWH feature wall blue paint colour.

To the right, the Barratt Homes side featured the use of the dark grey on the walls and carpet, along with the lime grey finish and pop of colour to the bespoke storage cupboards behind the desks. A more contemporary, grey style customer chair was selected for this space, more in line with the brand and the use of Perspex style frames to display key information.

Both brands also had their own wall mounted iPad and graphics wall, clearly defined in the overall suite by the use of a strip of their key colour and use of messaging. They also had shelving units with dressing items carefully selected in the key branding colours to give a home-from-home feel. Both brands also had a designated samples area for finishes, feature lighting and desks with partition divide to add privacy.

Externally we designed a large planter box, which featured the High Elms Park logo and was placed in the car park being a key first impression on arrival to the suite. This used the same cladding used on the external of the suite, we also sourced and filled with artificial plants to use giving colour throughout the different seasons. To the roofline of the external building we also added additional natural green planting, which helped add interest and softness to the exterior, helping the suite to blend in with its natural surroundings.


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