Catalyst Housing

Burnt Oak

Design & Fit Out

How we helped

We were asked to design a marketing suite for a busy development which was perfectly located on the Edgware Road in Burnt Oak, Colindale. As there are other developments in the area and an array of shops along the same road, the scheme needed to be eye-catching and stand out to attract visitors to the space.

Working alongside Focus IMC who designed the branding it was important for us to create a scheme that was cohesive and in keeping with their creation. The branding had some really strong elements that could be translated easily into a physical design and made it fun, energetic and youthful just like the audience the client was targeting.

What was achieved

Using the graphic language and colours from the branding we created an impactful and colourful scheme that really stands out. Using navy as a base tone with the addition of pink and yellow the space is colourful and fun without being overwhelming. For the rest of the suite, the colour palette is more paired back with neutral whites and greys, with light wood flooring, marble textured bespoke furniture and copper accents throughout. This makes the colourful graphic elements as impactful as possible.

Tech is also an important inclusion for the sales journey we have created. The suite features iPads and a TV screen to allow for a modern and up-to-date way of selling and information display that really appeals to the developments target audience.

The high ceilings and white in the scheme give the feeling of light and space to the narrow area. The vast wall space and height of the ceiling allowed us to really play with the scale of the graphics to make them the main feature of the space. All of the angles and fixed-wall features were calculated precisely so that they would fit and run parallel to each other. We also utilised mirrored strips to break up the different colours and angled elements, this also aided the room to feel larger and is a really eye-catching.  These stand out features put this above and beyond the rest of the marketing suites in the area.

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