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Peckham Place

Notting Hill Genesis

Peckham, London

Design & Fit Out

Concept To Reality

How we helped

Notting Hill Genesis wanted a sales environment that was designed to clearly identify with the local area of Peckham and those living in it. Knowing a lot of their prospective buyers would likely be from within close proximity to the site we wanted to bring everything that’s great about Peckham into the space and ensure first time buyers felt comfortable when making a visit. We began working with Notting Hill Genesis 12 months from the launch date, working closely with the construction developer Higgins on-site to ensure services, M&E and cost efficiencies were all part of the conversation well in advance of the launch date.

Profiling the likely personas of buyers, coupled with the consistency of the branding colour palette, style and messaging, gave us a platform to create an eclectic space that represented the area and the local community. Ensuring we had this synergy was critical to the interior design scheme and the customer journey for prospective buyers. It gave brand consistency which in turn would give buyers confidence and familiarity when they saw a continuation of other marketing collateral, advertising and promotion within the sales environment.

What was achieved

The space was designed to be quirky, visually engaging, colourful and tuned into the profile of our buyers with features such as the exposed ceiling and services but painted bright blue. Yellow, purple, red and blue furniture items, with a mix of black and white flooring and bespoke mesh casing to the concrete columns created a space that was inviting, future-proofed and varied.

The open-plan layout with its specific zones helped customers move through the space and identify where to go and what the space was for. Video and touchscreen technology enabled customers to discover more about the development at their own leisure. It brought the show apartment to life and demonstrated what living at Peckham Place could be like, or where interested buyers could grab a drink and sit and relax.

Removing desks as barriers, opening up the space and ensuring it was comfortable, relaxing and welcoming was at the heart of all the space planning and design work. We wanted to create a space that customers would be familiar with and comfortable to come to, avoiding a clinical or corporate look and feel which can be intimidating and oppressive, especially to buyers who may never have purchased before.

And let’s not forget our favourite space PUG who made an appearance as part of the final dressing of this scheme!

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