Fairview New Homes

Limehouse, East London

Design & Fit Out

How we helped

Situated within a small, modular two storey structure we were asked to take on the internal design scheme for Phoenix, a challenge given the space we had to work with. Our ideas, therefore, had to utilise every inch of space wisely; whilst also keeping a functional and exciting interior design. The styling of the space needed to be brought in with a quick install, allowing the suite to open up to the awaiting customers. The challenges we faced when having to fit-out the compact space were ensuring brand synergy whilst using dominating colours and with limited wall space to convey sales and marketing information.

What was achieved

Strong branding influenced the overall design – noticeable where we brought in elements of the bright pops of colour in small areas, ensuring the space wasn’t overpowered. Working alongside our sister company Focus, the two design teams carefully planned the space, furniture layout and graphics applications to harmonise the space. This two-storey design allows the customer to have a defined location for each point of their purchasing decisions. Working alongside the modular building contractor we complemented our interior design works with M&E consultation, exterior and interior signage solutions and bespoke joinery installations.

The key to it all was clarity. Both in the way messaging was displayed because of the customer’s close proximity to it and the tempered use of colour to provide light and shade as you worked your way around the space.

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