Rochester Riverside





Rochester Riverside


Rochester, Kent

Building Design & Fit Out

Concept To Reality

How we helped

Set alongside the River Medway, this landmark destination offers a selection of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments, 3 and 4 bedroom terraced, semi-detached and detached houses. Rochester Riverside is a flagship regeneration project that will transform a previously brownfield space into a new waterside destination for Medway. Being invited to look at multiple locations for the bespoke marketing suite to sit, the team worked on concept designs before the full brief came in, meanwhile, the team at Focus were working up the development branding. Due to the site being a flagship scheme, the suite needed to reflect that also. Taking on the footprint of one apartment block, the building needed to fit perfectly on the foundations. As the site’s future stretches far and wide over the bends of the Medway, the building simply couldn’t be one storey, as the views were too good to miss.

What was achieved

Built over two storeys the structure is completely clad in pure white aluminium, allowing all visitors to spot the suite from all access points. Mimicking the sharp edges in the development’s architecture, the suite also cuts into the blue sky, bringing modern architecture to the forefront. To allow as much natural light into the space, vast glazing runs were designed in, bringing the outside in. To future proof the building, the decision was made to create vast internal ceiling heights of 4m – allowing potential restauranteurs or commercial renters to take over the space once the phases are complete. Ensuring the building was constructed to the original concept, the team worked weekly with BPTW and all of the contractors as design consultants.

A palette of blue hues, soft oak, and bold reflective copper – the interior takes on a contemporary yet warm style. As the space is large with a high internal ceiling, the idea was to zone the areas, through flooring changes and curved walls. Creating a seamless finish through the majority of the space, a smooth poured resin was chosen, in a warm grey – keeping the space clean and open, but also future proof. Greeting the visitors at the front of the suite a bespoke model plinth stands proud, showcasing the sheer size of the site. We tied the base of the plinth in with the wooden wall finish by taking inspiration from the layers of the river beds, hand building the texture with differing levels. Inset behind the model plinth is a 65’ touchscreen, inviting customers to interact and discover in the space alongside pivoting image boards, showing the past and present of the development. Two large features in the space are purposefully designed in to help with the internal acoustics; firstly the fabric padded panels on which an oversized 3D logo for the development sits intercepted by reflective copper strips, arching from the walls onto the ceiling, giving the illusion of reflective water. The second feature cascades over the sales desks, positioned towards the rear of the space, created to soften the space through differing levels of white semi-translucent voiles. To make sure all visitors of the space are tended too, a kids area was positioned by the sales desk, with fun bean bags and wall-mounted iPads. Graphically within the space we worked hand in hand with our team a Focus to create information throughout the space that was bite-sized, showcasing all of the benefits to living at Rochester Riverside.

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