The Assembly





The Assembly


Hounslow, West London

Design & Fit Out

How we helped

The brief was to work around an existing space which would eventually be converted into a flat. This meant utilising the existing services locations and keeping the layout as simple as possible to allow the conversion to be completed in a cost efficient way. The client needed 2 sales desks in the main space, a private closing office, seating and drinks area and a development area where visitors would be able to see all the information they would need to make their decision in one easy space. They also wa branding to lead the space as it was tailored to the target market for the development.

What was achieved

The seating area backdrop is a feature slatted wall decorated in the brand red. This design has been applied to the feature columns as cladding which highlights the main sales desk as a focal point of the space. With accent blue armchairs & white sofa, the brand reinforcement in the space really sells the young, modern development & evokes a feeling of excitement for the new buyers. We created a glass meeting room for private sales space which lead directly to the show flat allowing sales consultants to lead customers easily around the space. The large development model situated in easy reach of media wall & development graphics, gives the customer all the information they need to make their decision at their fingertips.

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