Town & Country

Stone Cross, Eastbourne

Housetype Design & Fit Out Show Home Design

How we helped

Town and Country approached us to create a marketing suite and show home space within one of their new development’s houses at Winwood, Dittons Road.

Their branding has a beautiful combination of dark grey and vibrant aqua colours, which we wanted to portray within the space and make it funky and bright but with a traditional twist.

What was achieved

Marketing Suite
With the use of dark grey colour for feature walls in combination with luxurious grey carpet and light-coloured walls and ceiling, we achieved a bright and eye-catching space with branding a part of the experience.

The customers will be able to find multiple discovery elements within the marketing suite space, such as rolling content screen and iPads, where they can learn more about the development. With the choice of a soft lounge area or high discovery bench, potential buyers will be comfortable and looked after until they are ready to be seen by one of the sales advisors.

Surrounded by beautiful floral arrangements and cosy cushions and throw, who would not want to sit back and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while discovering their new dream home?

Show Home
On arrival, customers will be offered a drink from the show home kitchen, which will help them experience the high-quality finishes and materials.

Upstairs, potential buyers will be able to discover the master bedroom, second bedroom, bathroom and a study. With the clever use of colourful feature walls, statement furniture pieces and styling items, customers will get a sense of Town and Country branding in every room.

Our main goal for the show home is to make potential buyers feel at home as they enter the space. With details such as a palette of eyeshadows on the dressing table or fragrant smelling candles, diffusers and soaps, we have achieved a comfortable and appealing space.

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